Seoul National University - Institute for Peace and Unification Studies

The Future of North Korean and Global Cooperation

IPUS and Embassy of Canada co-hosted an international conference titled "The Future of North Korean and Global Cooperation" on March 13, 2009 at the Sapphire Ball Room of Lotte Hotel, Seoul. This conference supported by the Embassy of Australia, Great Britain, and Italy, scholars from Korea, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Great Britain, and United States participated. The conference was simultaneously interpreted into Korean and English, and more than 400 audience joined, showing exceptional attention.

The 2nd session, Global Assistance in North Korea's economic development, was moderated by Professor Kim Byung Yeon (SNU) and Professor Rosella Ideo (Trieste University), Professor Zang Hyoung Soo (Hanyang University), and Dr. Peter Hayes (Director, Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development) discussed the how the role EU and non-party members of 6-Party talks can influence North Korea's economic development. Dr. Walter Klitz (Country Representative, Friedrich Naumann Foundation) and Suh Doo Hyun (Director, DPRK Economic Analysis Team, MOU) further discussed the issue as debaters.

On concluding the conference, director Park Myoung Kyu thanked the participants for making a successful conference and asked for regular conferences with Peace Studies and North Korean specialists to promote unification studies.